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Welcome to our youth page.

There are many reasons why teenagers want to join a youth group and the good news is we really enjoy welcoming new teenagers into our youth community. We're a bunch of people who want to get to know God more and get to know each other better as well. We are on the lookout for people like you and we would love to have you come and join the rest of us. We believe that there is something truly wonderful about being part of this group that includes others and looks for ways to make room for each other's unique, God-given abilities. We know that the Christian faith can be a difficult thing to grasp as a young person, that is why we specialise in youth focused learning groups where no questions are forbidden. We do the best we can because we want to be "growing passionate followers of Jesus". We want to do everything we can to be like Jesus to everyone we meet. This means that we want to live radically different lives as Jesus followers.

The Battlefield Team

If you are in Year 9 then come along to Ignite and join the team. We are focusing on all our college, universities, and polytechnics student. We meet together every week on Friday from 7pm to 8.30pm. We do a whole lot of cool stuff such as social events, games and bible study. Best of all there is an awesome opportunity to get together and make heaps of new cool friends and learn more about Jesus along the way. If you come along to Grey Lynn Community Church, we can talk to you and give you some more information about the cool stuff that the team is getting up to.

Leadership Team

My name is Tui Alatimu and with my beautiful wife Taulaga we have two gorgeous kids, Jedidiah Oneonemanogi Alatimu(my eldest daughter) and our son Jayken Tulili Alatimu. We are very pleased to lead our youth to become sons and daughters of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our passion to serve God through this ministry. This year God has blessed us with three new young leaders (Reynold Hanipale, Grace Mataafa, and Isaac Hanipale) to help us lead the Youth ministry.

Youth Development

Our aim is to be able to provide coaching, mentoring and support for our young adults. We have a team of 5 young mature adults that work together to making sure our young people are getting the support and help that they need. It is our aim to develop the lives of our young people to become mature people of God. It is not an easy task, but we believe entirely in the work of the Holy Spirit that all things are possible to our Father God.

Teaching and Sharing

We are absolutley keen to use our times of coming together to mobilise and strengthen our young people into actualising the things God has for them to do for teaching and preaching and sharing their faith. It may be through sharing a testimony at youth church on a Sunday night, or at our get together on Friday night.

Youth Show-Time Celebration

Grey Lynn Community church show time service is a gathering of our Christian faith community on the last Sunday of every second month at 6pm. We share stories, songs, bible teaching, skits and drama, dancing and good chats, all of which we count as expressions of love to God. Our lives are shaped and intertwined with the life of Jesus, and we meet to encourage each other in bringing hope to the world. The Show Time Service is where a lot of our youth and young-adults call home, but our doors are wide open for anyone who is keen to join us.

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